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This week I'm joined by three of the designers on FiftyThree's hardware team: Jon Harris, John Ikeda and Hauke Gentzkow.

FiftyThree is probably best known for Paper, an intuitive and beautifully designed sketching app for iPad. Many of the company's founding team members are ex-Microsofties who participated in developing the Xbox, Zune and the fatefully mothballed Courier tablet.

Its latest product, the Pencil stylus, connects to the app via Bluetooth and works with the humanistic simplicity we've come to expect from FiftyThree.

On the show we discuss how to build intuitive, accessible products by starting with the experience and how that design philosophy has led FiftyThree to create a wonderful ecosystem of software, hardware and services.

We cover some of the team's extensive background at Microsoft, the challenges of making hardware in small versus large companies, some of the pros and cons of crowdfunding and more. Enjoy!

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